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The full cancellation procedure can be found on page 62 of the league handbook. However to make it easier

to understand we have put together the following short guidance if you are considering cancelling a fixture;


1. Is the fixture you wish to cancel less than seven days away?

Yes - go to 2.

No - go to 3.


2. You will be fined £30. You will also be deducted 3 points if it is a league game or disqualified from the

competition if it is a cup game.

It is also your responsibility to notify the following people;

Your opposition Manager, your Site Manager & the Fixtures Secretary.


3. Is the fixture between seven and twenty-seven days away?

Yes - go to 4.

No - go to 5.


4. You will be fined £30.

It is also your responsibility to notify the following people;

Your opposition Manager & the Fixtures Secretary (in writing).


5. Is the fixture between twenty-eight and thirty-nine days away?

Yes - go to 6.

No - go to 7.


6. You will be charged a £15 administration fee.

It is also your responsibility to notify the following people;

The Fixtures Secretary (in writing).


7. Is the fixture more than 40 days away?

Yes  - No administration fee or fine is applicable.You must notify the Fixtures Secretary (in writing).


As you can see, the sooner we are aware the easier it is for everyone concerned.


The Four Seasons Knockout Cup and KSA Vase finals

will take place at The One Call Stadium - Home of Mansfield Town FC on Sunday

10th May, 2015. More details to follow nearer the time. Semi final draw took place on

25th January 2015 at Manor Complex.  Fixtures and kick off times to follow.


A Football Festival Presentation for all the above age groups will be held on 6th May 2015 for the U 8's & 10's and 17th May 2015 for the U 7's & 9's at Hucknall Town, where every player will receive a participation memento. This is also where all Winter League Groups Winners and Festival Winners on the day will receive a Team Trophy presented by a Sports Personality. More details to follow at the end of March.


The presentation for all Winners and Runners up only in the League Championship, Premier League and Challenge League has been arranged at the Festival Hall, Kirkby in Ashfield on Saturday 13th June 2015.

THE U11's,12's & 14's FOUR SEASONS KO CUP SEMI FINAL DRAWS  are as follows:-

Under 11's

ADASC Sharks v Clipstone Welfare Madrid

Ashfield Arrows v Ollerton FC

Under 12's

Sherwood Colliery YFC v Drezden Colts

Quarrydale United v Beaufort United

Under 14's

Drezden Colts White v Welbeck Welfare Lions

Ashfield Community v Blidworth Welfare Tigers


These games will be played mid week at Manor Complex late March/early April as soon as it is light enough following the clocks going forward. Dates and kick off times will be displayed at a later date.




KicKStart Summer Football will start week commencing 1st June 2015 and conclude on 23rd July 2015 inclusive. This will provide 8 weeks football in total finishing in time for the School Summer holidays.


The age groups applying must be Under 7’s, 8’s, 9’s, 10’s and 11’s as at 31st August 2015 in accordance with next Season 2015/16. For example; if you are an Under 7’s team this Season 2014/15 you become an Under 8’s team for Summer Football 2015. This gives the new Under 7’s teams wishing to join us next Season a chance to gain some experience in preparation for the Winter League that starts on Sunday 6th September 2015.


Under 7’s and 8’s will play 5 v 5 Mini Soccer; 9’s and 10's will play 7 v 7 Mini Soccer and the Under 11’s will play 9 v 9 football.

Games will be played midweek (one game per week) at the Manor Park Sports Complex, Mansfield Woodhouse, on either a Wednesday or Thursday evening. More details about the actual day each age group will play on is to follow.


Kick off times will vary but games will start no earlier than 6.15pm and finish no later than 8.15pm.


Please note that none of these age groups are permitted to play for points. Games will be ‘non result driven’ friendlies in accordance with FA Law.


If you are interested in applying please click on the Summer Football Club and Team Application Forms in Documents and Links.  Please complete one Club Form only but one Team Form per Team applying and return them to the League Secretary.


If you require any further information please do not hesitate to email the League Secretary or ring Malc Jones on 07751 488523 or Elaine Pritchard on 07718 688662. The official closing date for entries is 13th April 2015.


Further to the text message that all Under 12's Team Managers received last week about the split into the Premier League and Challenge League, the League Management Committee have made a decision to change this from the 5/5 split as advised to a top 4/bottom 6 split for the following reasons:-


1. There is a difference of 11 points between 4th and 5th positions and even if Beaufort United win their remaining game, there would still be a substantial difference in points.

2. The results today did not conclude a 5/5 split and because Drezden Colts had advised the League some time ago that they were unavailable to play on 1st March 2015, a 5/5 split would not be decided next week either; leaving all teams without a game next Sunday.


This aside, we believe, having looked at the League Table again that a 4/6 split is fairer to all teams involved based on reason '1' above.


Teams will play each team in their League twice.


The Challenge League will start on 1st March (fixtures are now on the website). The Premier League will start a week later on 8th March due to the non-availability of Drezden Colts on the 1st and there being more weeks to play this in.


Because the Premier League will be played over less weeks than the Challenge League we have arranged the outstanding Drezden Colts game v AFC Mansfield for Sunday 8th March and the Semi Final of the Four Seasons KO Cup between Sherwood Colliery YFC v Drezden Colts will be played on a Sunday too (fixture to follow). The Quarrydale Utd v Beaufort Utd Semi Final will be played mid week.


The Beaufort United game v Drezden Colts will be played mid week when the evenings get lighter (fixture to follow).


The KSA Vase will also be played mid week. The draw will take place soon now that the bottom 4 final league positions are known.

UNDER 7's UPDATE  text here ...

There are 2 teams joining the Under 7's on 22nd March when the Red and Blue teams will play each other once again in non result driven games taking fixtures up to 10th May, the week before their Football Festival Presentation, which will be held on Sunday 17th May 2015.

Looking at the League Table (which cannot be published) the League Management Committee has decided to move Blidworth Welfare FC up from the Blue Group into the Red Group. The 2 new teams (who are Market Warsop & AS Plant) will join the Blue Group. Fixtures will be on the website by the weekend.


At the Festival Presentation teams will play a maximum of 40 minutes in 4 groups of 4/5/5/5 (based on final league positions); before receiving their participation memento from a Sports Personality.