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Latest News


Notts Footgolf Team up with KicKStart to offer members special rates

Kick-off times currently available between 11am and 4pm at;

Brierley Forest Golf Club, 160 Main Street, Huthwaite NG17 2LG.


Mention KicKStart when booking to receive preferential rates of;

Adults £7, Under 16's £5 for 18 holes


Contact Andrew Fantom to book your Kick-Off Time - Tel 01623 550761 or 07834 337115



I know this seems early but we are already being asked if we will be running a Summer League this year. The answer is yes.  All games will be played at the Manor Park Complex, Mansfield Woodhouse.


It will start week commencing 5th June 2017 and finish on 20th July 2017 in time for the School Summer Holidays.


The age groups applying should be Under 7's & 8's playing 5 v 5, Under 9's & 10's playing 7 v 7 and Under 11's playing 9 v 9 as at next season 31st August 2017, for example if you are an Under 7's team this season you will need to apply as an Under 8’s.


There will be one game per week on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday (the day for each individual age group is to be confirmed).

Games will kick off no earlier than 6.15 pm and will finish no later than 8.15 pm. Fixtures times will vary as usual.


Please note that all games in these age groups are non result driven in accordance with FA Law but every player will receive a participation



More details to follow.  Application forms can be downloaded by clicking these buttons.  


League Meeting for ALL Managers & Coaches

Thank you to all those that attended the recent league meeting, we hope you found it useful and informative.


Below is a copy of the 'Quick Refernce Guide' handed out, please have it at your disposal at all times.


We are always available to answer any questions you may have or offer guidance. However, we would kindly ask that you check that the answer is not already available in these pages before contacting us.


For those that were unable to attend, we have put a copy of the powerpoint presentation below. However, this was only a guide and most topics were discussed verbally. If you were unable to attend the meeting and have any questions after reading the 'powerpoint' and the 'quick reference guide', please contact Tony Allen or Malc Jones.


Please remember, as discussed at the meeting. The 'quick reference guide' was produced to assist you all & does not substitute the 'League Handbook'.

Powerpoint Presentation Quick Reference Guide League Handbook 2016

Update on End of Season Tournaments & Cup Finals

We are pleased to annonunce the dates & venues for the "End of Season Tournaments/Presentations (Under 7's - Under 11's)" where every qualifying player will receive a 'Participation Winners' Trophy and the Winners of the Competitive Groups will receive an additional Trophy and Team Cup. Also it will be possible to win an individual medal and Team Cup on the day of the Tournament which will be presented at the end of the games along with the above.


Under 7's - Summit Centre - 13/05/17

Under 8's - Summit Centre - 14/05/17

Under 9's - Summit Centre - 21/05/17

Under 10's - Summit Centre - 17/05/17 Starting at 18:00

Under 11's - One Call Stadium - 07/05/17 Starting at 10.00 am - 1.00 pm (to be confirmed)

Under 13's - One Call Stadium - 07/05/17 - Cup Finals for the League Championship Winners & Runners Up, the Four Seasons Knock Out Cup and the KSA Vase  - Starting at 1.30 pm - 2.00 pm (to be confirmed)


Times for all age groups will be confirmed by mid April.


*Please note that normal match fees will apply on the day for the Tournaments/Presentations and the Cup Finals. 

Summer League Rules Summer League Application Form

Four Seasons Shopping Centre renews sponsorship deal


We are pleased to annonunce that the Four Seasons Shopping Centre in Mansfield has renewed their sponsorship deal with the league for the seventh year running.


Below is a picture of Rebekah & Elaine joined by a selection of the boys and girls who will benefit from the continued support of the Four Seasons Shopping Centre.


To the right is a picture of Rebekah O'Neill from the Four seasons Shopping Centre presenting a cheque to Elaine Pritchard (League Secretary) & Malc Jones (League Chairman) along with Tony Allen (League Welfare Officer).



FullSizeRender summer league(1)

KicKStart issue reminder to all after some recent isolated incidents


It is with great regret that we have to issue the following statement, but after the two distubing incidents that happened last weekend we feel we have to issue this reminder to ALL.


The two incidents are still being investigated so we cannot comment any further at this point other than they are both  safeguarding issues.


Please remember the following;


1. Most of our referees are minors (under the age of 18), any abuse they receive (be it physical or verbal) will be dealt with as a safeguarding issue.


2. No-one is allowed to enter the field of play without the referee's permission.


3. Spectators/Parents are NEVER allowed to enter the field of play, even after the game has finished.


4. Spectators/Parents are members of your club and are therefore your responsibility at all times. If they misbehave, your club will be charged with failing to control it's members along with any other charge for the misconduct itself.


5. As parents/spectators are NEVER allowed onto the pitch (even to collect their children after the game has finished), it it the manager'/coach's responsibility to take the children in their care back to their parent/guardian.

If you wish your parents/guardians to witness your debreif/team-talk please find a neutral area away from the pitch.


We hope you understand the reason for us taking this action, as the safety and wellbeing of ALL the children in our leagues is the highest priority for us. We hope you share our values.




Respect & Sportsmanship Championed by Under 7's Spectators


After writing such a negative article last week, it brings us great pleasure to receive an email like the one below. It shows that some teams this week have proved that such negatives are really in the minority.

Here is an example of when a set of spectators contributed so positively.


Dear KicKStart,

I just want to bring to your attention something that happened during the game on Sunday between Beaufort Whites & Quarrydale United.

In the 2nd half the goalkeeper for Quarrydale became distraught after letting in a couple of goals (neither of which he could have done anything about) after his coach had calmed him down and comforted him, the parents from both teams were clapping and cheering for the keeper in a bid too cheer him up.

I have never seen  such sportsmanship shown to an opposing teams player as we witnessed yesterday by the parents of Beaufort Whites.

Parents are often criticised for their negative behaviour but on this occasion I hope the league will recognise what a fantastic show of support this was by both sets of parents and in particular the opposing teams supporters.


A fantastic show of empathy and sportmanship by the spectators of Beaufort Whites - Keep up the good work!