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The full cancellation procedure can be found on page 62 of the league handbook. However to make it easier to understand we have put together the following short guidance if you are considering cancelling a fixture;


1. Is the fixture you wish to cancel less than seven days away?

Yes - go to 2.

No - go to 3.


2. You will be fined £30. You will also be deducted 3 points if it is a league game or disqualified from the competition if it is a

cup game.

It is also your responsibility to notify the following people;

Your opposition Manager by phone (see Team Manager contact details in the League Handbook > Documents & Links above left), your Site Manager (see League Handbook for contact details in - Site Managers & Administrators)

& the Fixtures Secretary on 07749 544007, and by emailing Please do not leave a text message for any of the above people especially for short notice cancellations because this may not be read in time.


3. Is the fixture between seven and twenty-seven days away?

Yes - go to 4.

No - go to 5.


4. You will be fined £30.

It is also your responsibility to notify the following people;

Your opposition Manager by phone & the Fixtures Secretary by emailing


5. Is the fixture between twenty-eight and thirty-nine days away?

Yes - go to 6.

No - go to 7.


6. You will be charged a £15 administration fee.

It is also your responsibility to notify the following people;

The Fixtures Secretary by emailing


7. Is the fixture more than 40 days away?

Yes  - No administration fee or fine is applicable.You must notify the Fixtures Secretary by emailing


In all the above cases except for no. 7 your Club Secretary will be sent an invoice by the League Treasurer, for payment within

14 days of receipt.


As you can see, the sooner we are aware the easier it is for everyone concerned.


Thank you for your co-operation.

KicKStart is expanding due to popular demand.


Applications have now closed for a new KicKStart venture starting on

Saturday16th January 2016 for U7’s - U8’s Mini Soccer (5 v 5) only.


KicKStart has operated on Sundays since it was founded in 2002 but sanctioning has recently been awarded by Nottinghamshire FA enabling us to develop/retain Mini Soccer in the Ashfield/Mansfield area on Saturdays.


All games will be played on a central venue at the Queens Elizabeth's Academy for the first week only followed by Manor Sports Complex, Mansfield Woodhouse (from the 2nd week onwards) organised by KicKStart Academy as service providers of the League.


We are unique as a League because everything is arranged for you throughout the Season including your game, pitch and your Referee. We even put your nets up and take them down. All you need to do on match days is Bring your team (along with your enthusiasm), play your game and enjoy it.


Fixtures are now on the website (please click Fixtures on the menu above left).


KicKStart was formed in 2002 and in 2011 became the first League in Nottinghamshire to achieve Charter Standard status for Best Practice.


With your support we hope we will be able to provide mini soccer games for the children of Mansfield/Ashfield on Saturdays as well as Sundays for the forseeable future.


Photographs for the recent 2014 / 2015 Annual League Presentation, which was held at the Festival Hall, Kirkby-in-Ashfield on the 13th of June 2015, have now been released at


We welcome you to visit to view these pictures as soon as you can.


The event was a great success, with many a smiling footballing face after receiving their hard earned trophies from the footballing legend Steve Hodge, who earned 24 England National Team caps during the 80’s and 90’s.


The photographs at can be purchased for very reasonable rates.


Each photo also has Facebook and Twitter links so that you can share the website pictures with your family and friends.



The League Handbook was last updated on 24th January 2016 (see Documents & Links) containing full contact details and the League Rules & Regulations. Can you please check that your contact details are correct in the League Handbook and email as soon as possible if there are any changes to be made or there is additional information to be added please.


All ongoing player registration cards can be collected from your Football Reception on the following playing Sunday from when the player registration form was received by the League Secretary. Please note that all cards must be paid for (in the sum of £3.00) when forms are handed in, otherwise they will not be processed from now on.


Fixtures can be seen by clicking on the Fixtures tab on the left, then select your age group.

Love Football...?       Love Golf...?      Then this is for you...

A new craze is sweeping the nation called FootGolf, this has now been facilitated in Notttinghamshire.


There is still some available slots over the winter break, but these are going fast.


Click on the button below for more details on how to book...

Notts FootGolf Winter Opening Hours



We are pleased to announce that a new venue has been secured for the Under 7's for the remainder of this Season.  Fixtures will be transferred to the new venue as soon as possible so please check the website up to and including Thursday 11th February 2016 this week.


The new venue is back in Kirkby in Ashfield at The Summit Centre,

Pavilion Road, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Notts. NG17 7LL


Fixtures may commence here as early as next Sunday 14th February 2016. We just need to dot the 'i's and cross the 't's.


Thank you for your continued support and patience during what has been a difficult time for you and the League.


The fixtures for the Under 8's and 9's competitive games are now showing on the website.


Both the U 8's and 9's have been split into groups taking account of league table positions recorded by the League in accordance with the Full FA Standard Code of Rules.


The Under 8's have been split into 3 groups, top 7 Red, middle 8 Blue and bottom 5 White. Teams in the Red and Blue groups will play each other once and the White group will play each other twice. Following this teams will stay in these groups for the remainder of the Season but these games will be back to non result driven.


The Under 9's have been split into 3 groups too. Top 6 in the existing Red Group; bottom 3 of the existing Red Group and top 3 of the existing Blue Group; and bottom 6 of the existing Blue Group. These new groups will be known as Spring Red, Spring Blue and Spring White to prevent any confusion. Teams will play each other twice in their group.