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The full cancellation procedure can be found on page 62 of the league handbook. However to make it easier

to understand we have put together the following short guidance if you are considering cancelling a fixture;


1. Is the fixture you wish to cancel less than seven days away?

Yes - go to 2.

No - go to 3.


2. You will be fined £30. You will also be deducted 3 points if it is a league game or disqualified from the

competition if it is a cup game.

It is also your responsibility to notify the following people;

Your opposition Manager, your Site Manager & the Fixtures Secretary.


3. Is the fixture between seven and twenty-seven days away?

Yes - go to 4.

No - go to 5.


4. You will be fined £30.

It is also your responsibility to notify the following people;

Your opposition Manager & the Fixtures Secretary (in writing).


5. Is the fixture between twenty-eight and thirty-nine days away?

Yes - go to 6.

No - go to 7.


6. You will be charged a £15 administration fee.

It is also your responsibility to notify the following people;

The Fixtures Secretary (in writing).


7. Is the fixture more than 40 days away?

Yes  - No administration fee or fine is applicable.You must notify the Fixtures Secretary (in writing).


As you can see, the sooner we are aware the easier it is for everyone concerned.

On behalf of everyone at KicKStart, I would like to wish you all a wonderful Season with lots of

memories to treasure.  I hope you enjoy yourselves both on and off the pitch. We pride ourselves on providing a safe environment for the children to play in.  Best practice has always been our goal

and we welcome any feedback at anytime to help us to improve where we can.


Good Luck everyone!  Remember it's not all about winning, but I know, its a good feeling when you

do.  Performance matters just as much and seeing improvements week after week.  When you see

and feel that happening, you are all winners.


Let the Children Play!  

SEASON 2014/2015



Please could you make everyone aware within your club, the importance of the respect programme.


Please ensure all spectators are gathered behind the respect areas and that the club officials are positioned on the opposite side of the pitch in their own technical areas, this will enable the team managers to carry out their roles without interruption from the spectators and hopefully the spectators will enjoy the game in the spirit that the great game should be.


The Respect Programme is The Football Association’s direct response to a clear message from the grassroots game which was:


We must improve standards of behaviour - on and off the field.


Nottinghamshire FA’s official launch of the programme was in February

2009 which most local Youth and Senior League’s opted to join including KicKStart.


Behaviour is the biggest concern, both abuse and intimidation towards

Referees, and behaviour by over-competitive Managers and Parents and aggressive Spectators on

the touchlines.


For Clubs, the Respect programme includes four practical steps to improve behaviour.


• Respect Codes of Conduct: There is a Code of Conduct for each of the five main types of football participant;

Young Players, Adult Players, Spectators and Parents/Carers, Coaches, Team Managers, Club Officials and Match Officials.

Within the Code Managers are asked to remember that they are dealing with children, not adults and to RESPECT THEM AT ALL TIMES;


• Designated Spectator Areas: All Spectators, Parents and Carers must remain behind the (ropes, cones or a line marked on the ground) at all times to help support teams in a more responsible manner;


• Captain Taking Responsibility: Captains are encouraged to take full responsibility for their players’ actions and behaviour. Both teams are required to line up before the game to shake hands, and offer handshakes to the opposing team after the game as a mark of Respect;


• Referee Managing the Game: Referee’s are encouraged to enhance their match management skills to create an environment when potential problems are addressed before they escalate.


Managers must be respectful to Referee’s at all times, and set an example to their players, everyone is here to progress and improve in their respective role on the field so please be aware that some of our referee’s are young. Write a report rather than use abuse.


Please be aware that the League’s Management Committee has the right to instruct Clubs to remove any person(s) from touchlines not complying with the Respect Codes of Conduct.


For more details on these steps go to




The Four Seasons Knockout Cup and KSA Vase finals

will take place at The One Call Stadium - Home of Mansfield Town FC on Sunday 10th May, 2015. More details to follow nearer the time.


The split has now been finalised: -

Playing in the Under 7's Winter League Red will be (in

alphabetical order)

Chesterfield Town FC, Manor Warriors, Ripley Rangers Royals, Robin Hood Colts, Selston FC, Sherwood Colliery YFC, Shirebrook Rangers, Woodhouse Colts Blue.


Playing in the Under 7's Winter League Blue will be (in alphabetical order)

Ashfield FC (New Team), Bilsthorpe FC, Blidworth Welfare FC, Clipstone Welfare Porto, Mansfield Athletic, Quarrydale United, Ripley Rangers Reds, Sherwood Colliery Black, Welbeck Welfare FC,


Fixtures will be on the website soon and will start on 4th January 2015 (except for the new team Ashfield FC who will start on 11th January 2015). Teams in each Group will play each other once in competition.  Non result driven games will follow this programme when teams will play each other once again in the same groups.



A Football Festival Presentation for all the above age groups will be held in

May 2015 where every player will receive a participation memento. This is

also where all Winter League Groups Winners and Festival Winners on the

day will receive a Team Trophy presented by a Sports Personality. Dates and venue

to be confirmed.


The presentation for all Winners and Runners up only in the League Championship, Premier League and Challenge League has been arranged to take place at the Festival Hall, Kirkby in Ashfield on Friday and/or Saturday 12th and 13th June 2015.